Irisa : a unique product strategy for a unique multimedia software range

The unique Irisa strategy allows DATAMEDIA :

·          To incorporate current and future standards

·          Both formal and de-facto

·          To support accepted industrial strength operating systems

·          To support all forms of communication media and devices

This common architecture concept, the “Irisa Interaction Management Model”, allows Irisa to incorporate a simple and homogeneous implementation of all electronic media, including but not limited to:

·          Interactive Voice Servers

·          Computerised Telephony

·          Web

·          Services on GSM, WAP

·          Minitel

·          Fax

·          SMS messages

·          Call Centers integrating the ACD and PBX functions


Open to any current
and future standards

Industrial standards

Operating systems

Current and future media and devices

Simple and homogeneous
implementation of
all electronic media

Elimination of many
additional risks and costs

One stop investment


Using a major bank as an example, in the early 90’s, Irisa was used to provide home banking services. Since then, the bank has added voice servers for customer account services and offered a shopping center on the Net. Irisa also provided the bank with necessary tools for the setting up of Interactive television services.

The Irisa multimedia communication server stands out from other solutions as it supports all communication services and requires no additional integration work with other components : this eliminates many of the additional risks and costs associated with fragmented development, differing technology strategies, complex interfaces and APIs, multi-vendor maintenance, extended deadlines delivery. Irisa is a “one stop” investment.

DATAMEDIA guarantees the longevity of its software products and continues to enhance performance and reliability, as well as adding new features and continuing to offer price/performance without equal. Irisa adapts to every customers system requirements and financial commitments.

The Irisa product range

·          It is a multimedia communication server

·          A unique object-oriented development tool for all communication media

·          It is scalable both in terms of number of users and media/device types

·          It is independent of the hardware and operating system platform supporting both UNIX and Microsoft environments

·          Incorporates the latest in ACD and PBX functionality

·          A solution for the new breed of open and distributed Call Centers

·         It is reliable, efficient and secure for demanding e-business solutions, for example


Irisa, a multimedia
communication server

Unique object-oriented
development tool

Available on both UNIX and Microsoft environments

Most advanced
ACD and PBX functionality

Open and distributed
contact centers


The Irisa products together with the skills and commitment of DATAMEDIA’s business partners ensure the on-time and on-budget success of mission critical projects.

Our offer and our partnership strategy

DATAMEDIA‘s core activity is software development.

However, a successful project requires many other skills and services, so DATAMEDIA offers these to both its customers and business partners. These include on-site and on-line technical support, maintenance and upgrade services, training courses, and installation services.

These are all provided by DATAMEDIA’s highly-skilled staff.

To meet all customer needs, DATAMEDIA has a significant commitment to business partners, particularly those that play a significant role as system integrators in this new e-business age. Their ability in developing, integrating, and customising Irisa products and in providing ongoing support is fundamental to DATAMEDIA’s worldwide business strategy as the Internet and new communication services assume a global presence.

As DATAMEDIA’s founder, Vladimir A. Brauner, said :
“We know that our customers will have different needs and in many cases will have an international operation. Therefore we must meet their requirements regardless of the size and location of their enterprise and we must apply ourselves to the principles of customer satisfaction and value for money. This is the reason why we go beyond the domain of DATAMEDIA and extend our knowledge, expertise and customer commitment through our network of qualified business partners. We see a business partner as an extension of our own business where we value a long-term and profitable relationship.”


Services provided

Assistance, tele-assistance

Support and maintenance



With all significant
business partners