The technology spiral

The massive expansion of communications technologies and services offers a whole new way of doing business for both the enterprise and the consumer.

Personal, professional or commercial opportunities will be lost and businesses will be at a competitive disadvantage if communications are not swift, simple and reliable. When dealing with an enterprise or a public service, customers, staff, partners, or prospects expect instant and easy access to information, services and products.

Therefore the system must deliver a solution at any time, any place and on any media.

On-line services and electronic trading are available to all businesses, regardless of size. It is not purely the domain of the large enterprise as was the case just 2/3 years ago. Many businesses will fail unless they adopt these new ways of doing business and communicating with their existing and prospective customers and suppliers. Today, these technologies are a commercial necessity, whatever the entreprise size and activity are.

All these technologies have one long term aim; to remove compatibility issues and allow interoperability of voice, video, data with the consequent ongoing reduction in capital and revenue expenditure.

It is only the beginning of the technology spiral.

For example, a few years ago, French information technology services were limited to Videotex with the Minitel and to Audiotex with communication via the classical digital telephone network. But today, these services are now integrated into the Internet and mobile communications, and are embodied in e-commerce solutions. This same evolution will apply to new services like Interactive TV, Voice over IP, etc.

DATAMEDIA invests its time and skills in anticipating how this spiral will influence the application of these emerging technologies for both the enterprise and the consumer. This anticipation has resulted in the unique and durable software product range, Irisa.


Emerging communication
technologies and services

Easy acces to information,
services and products for
enterprises and consumers

Swift, simple and reliable

At any time, any place and
throw any media

With customers, users, partners
or prospects

Irisa : harmony in technology from DATAMEDIA

Application for both the
enterprise and the consumer

Unique design and durable
software product range